Elias Says ...

A daily glance inside the numbers from the world of sports:

Kobe Bryant scored 62 points Tuesday night, all in the first three quarters. Heading into the fourth quarter, Kobe had outscored the Mavericks 62-61. No player in NBA history has ever outscored the opposing team over the course of an entire game.

• Bryant played only 33 minutes. Since 1960, only three other NBA players scored 60-plus points in fewer than 40 minutes: Jerry West (63 points in 39 minutes on Jan. 17, 1962), George Gervin (63 points in 33 minutes on April 9, 1978) and Karl Malone (61 points in 33 minutes on Jan. 27, 1990).

• Kobe scored 43 points against Dallas on Dec. 12. The last NBA player to score 105-plus points against one team over two games was David Robinson, who put up 112 against the Clippers in March-April 1994.