Tales From the Body Issue Pt. 2

Sarah Turcotte is a General Editor at ESPN The Mag. The Body Issue was, essentially, her life for three months. Here are some highlights from the madness.

"Hey, hon, what size are you? I'm just going to run out and get you some underwear in case we see too much crack." As I said this to Olympian Lolo Jones on what was my second-to-last shoot (out of 18), I began to realize just what my job had turned into.

Buying intimates for someone I had known for about eight minutes was no big deal anymore. The experience was actually nothing compared to the mortifying one I spent six weeks prior carrying Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz's boxer briefs around Target, trying to match the style in a different color. Having to explain to my bosses why my corporate card was declined at the register while trying to buy underwear for a strange dude only made it worse.