Scout Team: Greatest Hits of 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff? Whichever new-age piffle-pusher first said that can stuff it where their mouth don't chew. This is fantasy playoff time. I hereby command you to sweat the small stuff. Buckets and buckets over the teeniest and tiniest of things. Your survival may depend on it.

Wait. Check that thought. Don't sweat every tiny detail. Who cares which team Chris Johnson is playing, or how Andre Johnson historically performs a week after going for 100 yards? You're starting them no matter what, so don't bother scrutinizing their projections. Like a Throbbing Gristle concert, it's all just pointless noise. (YouTube: Throbbing Gristle -- Persuasion live. I frickin' dare you.)

No, you need to concentrate on the right teensy-tiny details. Luckily, we've covered a bunch of them over the past few months and in the pages of ESPN The Magazine over the past few years. So what are you waiting for? Take thee to a library. Start your archival search.

Or just keep reading. Because you know what this is? Our end-of-year greatest hits collection.