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Major League Baseball
• Maybe the drama of the pennant races stole the headlines, or maybe it's because he's still 20 games short of Joe DiMaggio's record. Whatever the reason, Jimmy Rollins hasn't received nearly the acclaim he deserves for his 36-game hitting streak, which will now lie dormant for six months (more on this in next day's column).

Rollins is only the eighth player in major-league history to compile a single-season hitting streak as long as 36 games. By comparison, 20 players have hit 500 career home runs. Fifteen players hit four homers in a game. There have even been more unassisted triple plays (9) than 36-game hitting streaks. Let someone hit for a cycle -- about 30 times as common in MLB history as hitting streaks as long as Rollins' -- and some members of the media need to be hosed down. So why is this streak being given the business-as-usual treatment?