Ninjaboogie, Bimbo and Nikobaby leave Mineski after TI9

The opening ceremony of the 2019 International Dota 2 Championships took place at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai. Peter Stebbingsstr/AFP/Getty Images

Despite Mineski's strong finish at The International 9, three players have left the team to enter free agency.

Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross, Ryan "Bimbo" Jay Qui and Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov announced their departures on social media after Mineski tied for ninth place at TI9.

"This year has had many highs and many lows for me, but I'm still proud of all that I've achieved with my various teammates," ninjaboogie wrote Monday on Facebook. "Thanks to all my fans for sticking with me through it all, it means a lot to me."

He ended his post with the phrase LFT, which stands for "looking for team." Bimbo and Nikobaby both tweeted "LFT."