Blizzard announces Overwatch 2, featuring new hero Sojourn

Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

BlizzCon got off to a huge start on Friday as the opening ceremony of the two-day event in Anaheim, California, featured the inaugural trailer for Overwatch 2.

Blizzard Entertainment used the trailer at one of its signature events to announce that Overwatch 2 will indeed be released, and lead designer Jeff Kaplan revealed some of the key elements of the follow-up to the popular game launched in 2016.

Among the highlights:

  • While the game will pick up many of the elements from the original Overwatch game, Overwatch 2 will also have a story mode for players, while also having the competitive multiplayer mode. A new competitive player vs. player mode called Push was also announced.

  • With the introduction of the story mode, Overwatch 2 will also have a heavy focus on player vs. enemy content while keeping the same PvP features in competitive modes.

  • At least one new hero, Sojourn, was revealed, and a quick glimpse of a second hero, Echo, could be seen in the trailer.

  • There will be new maps, and while viable as a standalone game, Overwatch 2 will incorporate elements from and be very interconnected with the original Overwatch.

While no release date has been announced, attendees at BlizzCon were able to demo Push, Rio de Janiero and the new Toronto map during the event.

Overwatch 2 will be released on Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

--Field Level Media