Gen.G, Kentucky to put on 64-player NBA 2K20 event

Gen.G already has a footprint in the NBA 2K League and a partnership with the University of Kentucky. The esports organization is making the most of both of those connections in helping to put on a 64-person Twitch tournament for 2K. Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Esports organization Gen.G and the University of Kentucky announced plans Wednesday to put on a 64-person NBA 2K20 Twitch tournament.

Anyone who is at least 13 years old, has a PS4 and owns NBA 2K20 will be able register to compete in the tournament, which will be broadcast on the university's Twitch channel. Of the people who register, 64 will be randomly selected on Monday to compete in the tournament.

The Round of 64 will take place April 10, the Round of 32 on April 11 and the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight on April 13. The Final Four and championship will be on April 14. Games will begin at 5 p.m. ET on each day.

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The announcement comes five months after UK and Gen.G announced a partnership that would help the school build an esports program. The tournament comes at a time when many professional sports teams and athletes have gone online for streaming as the coronavirus pandemic keeps people in their homes. It is the latest 2K venture for Gen.G, an organization with teams across many esports and that was set to debut a team in the NBA 2K League this season.

The 2K tournament was also announced a day after the NBA and 2K revealed the NBA 2K20 Player Tournament, which will be broadcast on ESPN and feature 16 NBA players competing against each other in bracket format.