Raze main target of Riot's first patch notes for VALORANT

Raze's Paint Shells are among the most powerful abilities by any agent in VALORANT. Courtesy of Sean Morrison

Riot Games released the first set of patch notes today for their new first-person shooter VALORANT. Patch 0.47+ isn't large but addresses a few minor details as well as one major one: the overwhelming power of Raze's Paint Shells.

Paint Shells will be reduced from two to one, eliminating the spammy nature of Raze's grenades. They will also now have a kill reset, requiring players to get two kills to refresh Paint Shells' cooldown. Riot also adjusted the volume on Raze's Showstopper, Blast Pack and Paint Shells, making them easier to hear. Paint Shells also have a minimum duration before exploding, fixing a slight issue where they would occasionally explode sooner than intended.

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Raze will receive the majority of changes on this patch, but small adjustments were also made to Sage, who has become the cornerstone agent of every team composition. Her Slow Orb now slows the air around players, negating players' ability to bunny hop through. A general melee damage change will also affect Sage's Barrier, allowing players to inflict double damage to destructibles like Barrier and the metal double doors on Haven.

There were also a series of map exploit fixes, and an orb was moved on Split from B mid to B main.

VALORANT is still in closed beta. No indication has been given on how many patches will be released across the beta's run time.

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