Every Call of Duty League Seattle homestand map in a sentence

Photo by Max Chan/ESPAT Media

It was another disappointing showing for the Minnesota RØKKR, odd substitutions from the Seattle Surge, a strong opening weekend for Trei "Zer0" Morris with his new team, the London Royal Ravens, and twins versus twins in the finals as the Chicago Huntsmen took their second tournament victory on the year.

Here is every map from the Seattle Surge home series in a sentence.

Day 1

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Paris Legion 1

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: The Huntsmen win a close hardpoint thanks to some strong late holds.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: All eyes are on Prestinni on his new team as he shines in a dominant S&D win.

Gun Runner, Domination: Paris respond well to Chicago's initial push, bringing it close in the first half and taking the lead and the game in the second.

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Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Arcitys comes up huge several times to make a crucial difference in a close hardpoint.

London Royal Ravens 3, Los Angeles Guerrillas 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Zer0 is off to a good start with London as the Royal Ravens take their first map handily.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: When I hear "Piccadilly S&D" I automatically think of the Royal Ravens, but this is a dominating victory for L.A.

Gun Runner, Domination: Royal Ravens get out to a 20-point lead in the first half and manage to stay on top by controlling both A and B sites for most of the second.

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Guerrillas pull off an unlikely win on Rammaza, a map that they had previously not won a game on.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Unlike their Piccadilly S&D, the Royal Ravens take a convincing 5-1 lead and close it out three rounds later.

Minnesota RØKKR 3, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 2

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Alexx, Asim and Assault all put up 30 or more kills as RØKKR take the first map in this series.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: RØKKR push this to Round 11, but Chino and TJ open up the final round with two quick kills and OpTic take it.

Gun Runner, Domination: OpTic start the second half with a nearly 50-point lead, but RØKKR dominate the second half for a lead change with 40 seconds to go and the series lead.

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Dashy and SlasheR heat up, evening out the series at 2-2.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Another Round 11 S&D, but this time it goes to RØKKR after GODRX gets an initial snipe onto Dashy.

New York Subliners 3, Seattle Surge 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: From the first rotation, the Subliners hold onto their lead while Enable struggles in his first game back with the Surge.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Pandur comes in for this one, and Seattle ends up making it close, but NYSL and Mack come out on top.

Gun Runner, Domination: This comes down to the final few flags as Seattle take their first map.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: Another hardpoint win for the Subliners, and ZooMaa takes the spotlight.

Day 2

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Minnesota RØKKR 0

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Prestinni leads the way on this map and closes it out with a triple-kill, but this is a narrow win for the Huntsmen.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: This is a heartbreaking map loss for the RØKKR, who looked like they were going to take it before the Huntsmen take three rounds in a row for a 6-5 victory.

Hackney Yard, Domination: The Huntsmen have a controlled first half to keep Minnesota at a distance and then pull away in the second half.

London Royal Ravens 3, New York Subliners 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Dylan pops off, and London has nearly every first rotation for a strong hardpoint win.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: The Royal Ravens get another strong win with a smart S&D performance.

Gun Runner, Domination: It's all Gun Runner and all Royal Ravens as Zer0 gets his revenge against his former CDL team.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3, Paris Legion 1

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Louqa is the star of this map as Paris take the first game in the series.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: OpTic get out to a four-round start, and although Paris bring it back, Optic win 6-4 and tie the series.

Hackney Yard, Domination: OpTic take the lead early in the first round and stay ahead for what ends up being about a 30-point win.

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Paris have a strong late hold to bring the point totals closer, but OpTic ultimately break on Ruins and take it with a second left before the next rotation.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3, Seattle Surge 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Vivid drops 44 in a shaky but statement Map-1 win.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: Blazt wins a 1v2 after a car explosion adding insult to what was already a dominant S&D performance from Guerrillas.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Seattle take A-B control in the second half, forcing a lead change and eventually the win.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: For the first time this year, Seattle lose to the Guerrillas, the only team they had managed to beat previously.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3, Minnesota RØKKR 0

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: One of the more frustrating things about watching the RØKKR lately has been how close they come on some of these maps only to not be able to close them out.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: OpTic's S&D has looked solid lately, and this map is no exception as they dispatch the RØKKR fairly quickly.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Unlike the first time they met in this tournament, this is a surprising sweep for OpTic and another disappointing event for the RØKKR.

New York Subliners, Los Angeles Guerrillas

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Both Vivid and Temp put up 41, and the Subliners come out ahead, although the Guerrillas keep them at 248 for a surprising amount of time.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Vivid and Blazt lead the way to tie the series 1-1, and Guerrillas are looking better on S&D generally at this tournament.

Hackney Yard, Domination: The Subliners' push onto B with about three minutes left in the second half leads to strong A-B control, a lead change in their favor, and eventually the win.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: This time it's ZooMaa's turn to put up 40 in a more dominating Subliners hardpoint win.

Day 3

London Royal Ravens 3, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Dylan puts up 39 and the Royal Ravens push out from their controlled hardpoints to stay ahead of OpTic from midgame onward.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: The Ravens haven't been as stellar on S&D as we've expected of them, but this is a strong showing against OpTic, a team they obviously studied prior to this match.

St. Petrograd, Domination: London get a late triple-cap to take the first-half lead, but OpTic take their first map of the series with strong B and C site control in the second half.

Rammaza, Hardpoint: London are going to want this one back because they could have closed things out here.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Two fairly strong S&D rounds in this match make the difference for London, who head to their first-ever final.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, New York Subliners 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Huntsmen take the lead with stronger point rotations and setups.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Scump, Envoy, and the Sanderson twins all have their own moments to shine in a 6-3 S&D victory.

Hackney Yard, Domination: The Subliners reach a mathematical impossibility fairly quickly in the second round for a dominating win, preventing a 3-0 sweep.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Again, the Huntsmen just look cleaner on hardpoint, getting to hills first and setting up for stronger holds.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, London Royal Ravens 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Huntsmen take about a 50-point lead from the beginning and remain approximately 50 points ahead of the Ravens for the entire map.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Another S&D win for the Ravens, who have looked good on this game mode all tournament save that first Piccadilly against OpTic.

Gun Runner, Domination: This comes down to the final tick in the second half, but the Huntsmen take the lead 2-1.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Prestinni is back, the Huntsmen are back, and Chicago becomes the third team to have two tournament wins on the year.