League of Legends global power rankings through June 29

Provided by Riot Games

It's the second global power ranking of the split, and there is some big shuffling going on at the top of the ladder. G2 and Fnatic dropping while MAD Lions climb? Gen.G making a big jump? Anything is possible in League of Legends land.

How we rank: We had our panelists and writers submit a ranking of No. 1 through 10 for each team, with 10 being the most likely to make it to worlds that given week and 1 being the least likely. We then averaged the scores to create our initial list and looked at the teams' schedules, wins, losses and overall performance for the week.

1. TOP Esports

Region: LPL | Record: 6-0 | Change: --

Top Esports remain undefeated and definitively the best team in the world right now. EDward Gaming did make them bleed in Game 1 of their series -- that game was close and could have been a Top Esports victory with a few minute changes in decision-making. In fact, credit where credit is due. EDG made the series fairly close throughout despite the Top Esports 2-1 win.

When we talk about the best team in the world, we're not looking for a team that's infallible -- no League of Legends team is, by the way -- but a team strong enough to adjust, rely on their players, and win against all ranges of opponents and challenges. Right now, it doesn't look like anyone in the LPL can take out Top Esports quite yet.

-- Emily Rand

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2. DragonX

Region: LCK | Record: 8-3 | Change: +4

Former Griffin and current DragonX coach Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho is known for his innovative drafting style, which is also widely-recognized as a double-edged sword that hurts his teams sometimes as much as it helps them. One of the more fun matches in the LCK of the past week was DragonX's series against the Afreeca Freecs, where cvMax pulled out a triple-support composition with top lane Karma, mid lane Morgana, and support Braum to highlight bot laner Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu's Ezreal and counter the immense teamfight power of Aphelios. It worked. While DragonX's execution sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, this is a lineup that can be incredibly creative and fun to watch.

-- Emily Rand

3. T1

Region: LCK| Record: 3-1 | Change: -1

Both T1 and DragonX are equally strong and equally messy. These are two teams that are in the first stages of their summer iterations, and we fully expect that they'll only improve from here with one of them (in this particular writer's opinion, T1) pulling ahead of the other. They also played the same opponents this past week with varying but also very similar results. If it were possible, they would be tied for second place, since each of them had a few rough patches in their series -- T1's more against Afreeca than Sandbox and DragonX's against Sandbox over Afreeca -- but both had 2-0 weeks. The only reason why T1 is slightly below DragonX is actually due to the fact that DragonX bested T1 in their Week 1 meeting.

The most interesting thing to come out of T1's games in LCK Week 2 was moving towards jungler Choi "Ellim" El-lim as the team's starter over Moon "Cuzz" Woo-chan. T1 has always had an excellent farm/trainee system and Ellim looks like no exception to this tradition. Cuzz and mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's synergy in spring was a T1 highlight so it will be interesting to see how Ellim further develops with the squad.

-- Emily Rand

4. MAD Lions

Region: LEC | Record: 6-1 | Change: +8

Who predicted this? Well, other than people who work for MAD Lions of course. Many said they would be good, but THIS good? Very impressive. 6-1 start, alone atop the LEC standings. Victories over Fnatic, Origen, Vitality and Rogue with their lone loss being to G2 (the team they defeated in the playoffs to send them to the losers bracket in spring). It was another impressive weekend for the young scrappy team, defeating Origen on Friday and convincingly dispatching Rogue on Saturday. This team looks to be in a form that could certainly qualify for and compete at worlds.

-- Arda Ocal

5. Cloud9

Region: LCS | Record: 6-0 | Change: +2

Cloud9 continues to be the best team in North America, dominating their competition and keeping their undefeated streak this summer alive with Week 3 wins over Team Liquid and Immortals. With very few teams able to contest them -- Liquid being one of the few that many predicted -- Cloud9's status in the world, though, is still a confusing topic. It's clear that they will be competitive on the world stage, but what does that mean exactly? With the Mid-Season Invitational being canceled due to COVID-19, Cloud9's ability to lose to tougher opponents and work to fix their mistakes has been non-existent. That said, their dominance in North America earns them a Top 5 spot in our global power rankings, but below representatives of the other four major regions.

-- Jacob Wolf

6. Gen.G

Region: LCK | Record: 3-1 | Change: +7

We've previously credited LPL teams for knowing who they are and sticking with a general playstyle or framework for how they want to play and draft. Gen.G also follow this pattern but get a bit more flack for it since their style is often seen as boring and criticized (somewhat unfairly) for being one-dimensional. Gen.G came out strong this week with a variety of different picks against both Damwon Gaming, who are looking much improved from spring, and SeolHaeOne Prince, who Gen.G stomped. Ashe has become a great summer staple for Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk, and it was fun to see Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong come out on one of his older signature picks in Taliyah. Even their Neeko/Lee Sin/Zoe/Aphelios/Zilean composition was interesting, despite their game loss on it against Damwon, and it's a hint that Gen.G are still willing to tweak things a bit in their journey as an LCK title hopeful.

-- Emily Rand

7. G2 Esports

Region: LEC | Record: 4-3 | Change: -4

It hasn't been the best start for the 2019 Worlds finalists, but G2 are always a team where the majority of people will think "it's only a matter of time," no matter how much they might falter. They lost against MAD Lions in the spring split playoffs and people saw it as merely a stumble, not a nail in the coffin. On Friday they lost against the surging SK Gaming and, even though they were in the bottom half of the standings until Saturday, people still assumed that this wasn't the norm but the exception to the rule. Then, the classic feud resumed on Saturday vs. Fnatic and it restored all sense of normalcy for G2 fans ("that's more like it"). G2 had 24 kills against its old foe, with Perkz leading the way with a 8/1/8 on Kalista and Caps with a 4/1/16 on Twisted Fate (role swap 3.0 looking mighty good). G2 looked in championship form. Perkz announced he will take a week off of competition and spend time with his family after the passing of his father, which is more important than any game will ever be.

-- Arda Ocal

8. Rogue

Region: LEC | Record: 5-2 | Change: +1

Rogue's big Week 3 win over Fnatic knock them up a spot in the rankings from last week. Rogue continues to show they're a competitor for a League of Legends European Championship title, with their two losses of the season so far coming only to Spring Split winner G2 Esports and MAD Lions, who many consider may have the title of the best in the region as of right now. Sitting second in the standings, one game above G2, Misfits, Origen and SK Gaming, Rogue is certainly in the upper echelon of European competition, in a region that has been even more competitive than some would've predicted before the start of the split. Rogue is on a good trajectory right now to earn themselves a spot to compete at Worlds, especially with four available for European teams.

-- Jacob Wolf

9. JD Gaming

Region: LPL | Record: 3-2 | Change: -4

Last week, we talked about how the LPL standings are frequently suspect until at least the middle of the split, due to the large amount of teams and the fact that some play more games at the beginning of the split rather than the end. Additionally, some teams end up playing the entirety of the bottom of the standings before facing a top-tier opponent to balance things out. JDG had an easy week this past week and honestly, despite their 2-0 performance, there's a strong argument based on their play for dropping them a spot or two in favor of Victory Five, FunPlus Phoenix or both. Despite their current struggles, we believe JDG to still be a strong team, but their position (like a lot of LPL teams in the center of the standings) is precarious. Right now the LPL is lousy with good teams just below their great team in Top Esports. In the coming week, JDG will face Invictus Gaming and Team WE, which should give us a better idea of where they truly stand.

-- Emily Rand

10. FunPlus Phoenix

Region: LPL | Record: 4-2 | Change: --

FunPlus Phoenix are back? After a rocky start to the split with a loss to LNG Esports in their first summer showing, FPX are looking a bit stronger in their more recent series and closer to returning to their 2019 summer form. This team still revolves around mid laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang and his slightly off-center champion picks, but the most important difference to note about this summer's FPX is that they've decided on starting top laner Kim "Khan" Dong-ha for all of their games. Khan's playstyle is significantly different than that of previous FPX top laner Kim "GimGoon" Han-saem and these differences overshadowed some of FPX's other problems this past spring. Now that they've settled on a top laner, jungler Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang is performing a lot better and this team is still incredibly successful if Doinb can get out of lane and create skirmishes elsewhere. They're not up to world championship form yet, but arguably they weren't up to world championship form last summer or during 2019 worlds group stages and still managed to win both titles.

-- Emily Rand

The rest of the world

11. Royal Never Give Up

12. Afreeca Freecs

13. DAMWON Gaming

14. Team Dynamics

15. EDward Gaming

16. Invictus Gaming

17. LGD

18. Victory Five

19. Origen

20. Team WE

21. Team Liquid

22. Evil Geniuses

23. FlyQuest

24. Fnatic

25. Suning

26. Misfits

27. Counter Logic Gaming

28. Team SoloMid

29. SK Gaming

30. eStar

31. LNG

32. Golden Guardians

33. Team Vitality

34. SeolHaeOne Prince

35. KT Rolster

36. 100 Thieves

37. Dignitas

38. Excel Esports

39. Hanwha Life

40. SANDBOX Gaming

41. Bilibili

42. Dominus

43. OMG

44. Rogue Warriors

45. Vici Gaming

46. FC Schalke 04

47. Immortals