VALORANT's Killjoy: Everything we know about the upcoming agent

Riot Games

VALORANT has once again been patched with its 1.04 update, but the developers are already building hype for its next big patch in early August with a tease of the game's 12th agent, codenamed Killjoy. After the recent patch, Split's high-tech sneaker shop near A-site has been given a decorative change: a cardboard cutout of the new agent with a poster prominently displaying Killjoy.

Along with the cardboard Easter Egg, new audio files have been added to the game in preparation for Killjoy's upcoming debut.

Here is what we know so far about VALORANT's newest operative.

1. Get ready for some turrets

One of the first things discovered by data miners when researching Killjoy were the added electronic sounds with his name attached to them. This quickly turned into finding out that Killjoy's kit will be aided by his own personal turret contraptions, with their animations and sounds already uploaded into the game. While we don't know how exactly these tricky little turrets will handle in game, if other games like Overwatch with turret-based characters are anything to go by, be ready to pull your hair out if you're caught sleeping when one of Killjoy's turrets is activated.

2. Killjoy is the ultimate nerd of VALORANT's secret agent world

We have wind-powered, knife-slinging assassins. We have smoky purple monsters that can teleport across the map. We even have a vampiress with VALORANT's latest agent in Reyna. Killjoy, he is, well, a gigantic nerd. In the recent patch update, voice lines from the ensemble cast were added to the game, a few of them referencing the newest agent.

Cypher refers to Killjoy as a "little engineer," proclaiming he stole a transmitter from the tech guru for one of his cameras and that he'll "pay him back, probably." Reyna references regardless how "bright" Killjoy is, he'll never be a Radiant after killing him in battle, and also brings up in another voice line about she's sick of Killjoy's array of robots, wanting to get to their creator himself.

Breach, the gruff, cyber Viking that he is, probably sums Killjoy best with his one-word dialogue about the cast's newest member, simply calling him a nerd like he's about to shove him into a locker in high school.

3. Expect Killjoy on Aug. 4 with Act 2 of Episode I: Ignition

The cardboard cutout isn't the only thing added to the sneaker shop on Split. Beside the cutout of Killjoy is a poster with a gigantic "4" prominent on the top of it. Though the VALORANT developers already said that the release of a new agent should be every two months at the beginning of a new Act, the "4" teased in Killjoy's Easter Egg lines up with the supposed start date of Act 2 on Aug. 4. Act 2 is expected to run until the second week of October where the final chapter of Episode I: Ignition will begin. Coupled with Killjoy's entrance, Act 2 will bring a new Battle Pass to VALORANT players.