Tapping out, breaking in

From this South Florida backyard to YouTube, the underground fight business plan is simple, if not totally legal. Clay Patrick McBride

The YouTube warning gets my pulse racing. "This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users." Inappropriate, you see, is what I want. I've spent the past hour looking for bloody, primal fighting, the kind I'm told is lurking on the web if you know where to search. But like any fight club worth getting into, it's not easy to find.

Forget searching for "MMA video." Neither "hardcore MMA" nor "backyard MMA" takes me as low as I want to go either. Then it hits me. If you're looking for the next big thing in the viral underground, where better to head than the place that launched the last big thing? It's been a few years since Kevin Ferguson, a.k.a. Kimbo Slice, burst onto the national stage as a YouTube sensation, but his old crew of "backyard video entrepreneurs" is still around. And they're trying to make those quote marks a thing of the past.