Sebastian Vettel complains Felipe Massa did Valtteri Bottas 'a favour twice' on final lap

SOCHI, Russia -- Sebastian Vettel says Felipe Massa did Valtteri Bottas "a favour twice" on the final lap of the Finn's Russian Grand Prix win.

Vettel had moved into DRS range of Bottas on the final lap and was chasing the Mercedes down the main straight as they approach, who was being blue-flagged to let them past. Though Massa let Bottas through into Turn 2, he then took the corner in front of Vettel, who then had to pass the Williams driver around the outside of the 'omega' curve in Russia.

When he did get past Massa -- who was Bottas' for the last three seasons -- Vettel stuck his middle finger up at the Brazilian and shouted angrily over the radio. The delay was enough to end any chance of Vettel winning the race and afterwards the championship leader questioned Massa's tactics.

"He did cost me," Vettel said. "First of all, he handed a very pleasant tow to Valtteri on the last lap, and I was in the DRS, which was tough enough to do.And then he let him by and I don't know if he knew there was another car coming. I don't think, maybe.

"Obviously Felipe did him a favour twice. Once handing him a pleasant tow and then he cost me a bit of time. But that's how it is with backmarkers."

On being told about Vettel's angry radio message after the race, Massa said the German "really likes to complain". Mercedes boss Toto Wolff went on to joke that he owes Massa a beer for easing the tension on Bottas' final lap, though he pointed out both drivers had lost time through traffic in the final chase.

"It wasn't all plain sailing for Ferrari either and obviously again backmarker traffic was an issue and sometimes it went against us and sometimes, like with Felipe -- thank you very much, I'll have to buy him a beer -- it was in favour of us. But this is how it goes."