Renault launches 2020 car in temporary all-black trim


Renault has released images of its 2020 Formula One car in a temporary all-black livery.

The car was not present at the team's launch event in Paris as it is currently being built ahead of preseason testing in Barcelona, which commences on Feb. 19. The team used the event to provide some teasers of the car, featuring the livery it will run during preseason testing.

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul used the event to declare his team's ambition of moving back ahead of McLaren for fourth in the championship this year after a disappointing 2019 campaign.

"Taking back fourth position in the constructors' championship remains the objective over a season that will be more hotly-contested than ever," he said."2020 is also a pivotal year that marks the end of one cycle and the preparatory phase of another.

"This year must see us setting the best possible course for the major regulation changes of 2021. The organisational changes made in the second half of 2019 are with this firmly in mind."

Towards the end of 2019, the future of the Formula One team was in doubt following a companywide strategic review at the French car manufacturer. However, Abiteboul said both the interim CEO Clotilde Delbos and incoming CEO Luca de Meo have been supportive of the F1 project and he sees no reason why it will be cut.

"The single most important piece of information is that Clotilde Delbos, the interim CEO of the company, will remain as deputy CEO when Luca de Meo arrives. That is very important because it means there will be a continuity of the governance and a continuity of the discussions, which means everything that we are discussing today with Mrs Delbos will be valid even once Luca de Meo arrives.

"So I know where we are, I know where Clotilde is and she is also still CFO of the company and also very naturally driven by figures, and frankly she looked at Formula One from a financial perspective and saw that it was a cost, but also an asset and an investment, and any way you look at it it is pointing in the right direction: audience exposure, market share, but also cost with the new Concorde Agreement, budget cap, engine regulations staying stable - anywhere you look figures are healthy and staying in the right direction.

"So in principle we are in it for the long-term, but that's in principle and with the draft Concorde Agreement, draft regulations and all of that needs to turn into a final contract that we will sign. Finally, Luca de Meo, I don't know him, but what I can see is that he has done a lot for sports in his current position in his current group."

Daniel Ricciardo has remained at the team for a second season, although he is now in a contract year, while Frenchman Esteban Ocon has joined in place of Nico Hulkenberg.

Ricciardo is a previous race winner from his stint at Red Bull between 2014 and 2018, while Ocon is one of the most highly rated young drivers in the sport. With Mercedes' help he debuted in F1 with Manor in 2016, before two years at Force India/Racing Point. He failed to secure a race seat last season but was released from his Mercedes affiliation in order to join Renault for the coming season.