Hamilton hits out at the 'irresponsible and selfish' ignoring isolation

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Reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has hit out at those ignoring calls to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hamilton took to social media last weekend to reassure fans he is healthy and free of coronavirus symptoms having self-isolated. The driver had attended an event in London on March 4 along with actor Idris Elba and TV presenter Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who both subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

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In an Instagram post Monday morning, Hamilton praised medical staff and shop workers around the world as heroes for their work during the pandemic. He also then took a swipe at people in various countries continuing on as normal.

The post read: "I'm so sad to hear of the amount of deaths happening around the world. I know most of us are limited with the knowledge of why and how this has happened. There is nothing we can do about it either way except try to isolate ourselves, stop ourselves from catching it and spreading it.

"There are people out there still going to clubs and bars and large gatherings, which I personally feel is totally irresponsible and selfish.

"I'm praying for my family's safety each day but I'm also praying for you out there. I'm praying for those working at the local stores, deliverers, doctors and nurses who put their own health at risk to help others and keep the countries running. Those are the heroes. Please stay safe people."

Hamilton then called on people to use the uncertainty caused by the pandemic to reflect on themselves. The six-time world champion said it was time for people to stop taking life for granted.

"If you can, try and take this time to assess your life and situation and how you might want to change things for the better moving forwards. Hopefully through this people will realise even more how health is priceless, how you treat yourself and what you put in your body is so important and also hygiene. We take this life for granted. I hope we don't moving forwards."