Mick Schumacher 'would give up everything' to talk racing with his father

Mick Schumacher has said he "would give up everything" just for the chance to talk to his father Michael about motor racing.

Michael Schumacher won seven world championships in his career and is widely regarded as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time.

Schumacher suffered a serious brain injury in a skiing accident in December 2013. Updates on his condition have been rare as he continues rehabilitation at the family's Switzerland home.

In a Netflix documentary released this week, Schumacher's wife Corinna said her husband is "different, but here".

Their son Mick, 22, who is in his rookie Formula One season this year with Haas, spoke poignantly about his father and his wish that they could discuss their shared career path.

"I think dad and me, we would understand each other now in a different way now," Mick said.

"Simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. And that we would have so much more to talk about.

"That's where my head is most of the time. Thinking that it would be cool that would be.

"I would give up everything just for that."

Mick has frequently referred to his father as his hero. He's previously said his chosen race number, 47, is meant to signify 'for seven', a reference to that fact he is driving for his father and the legacy of his seven championships.

The documentary features unseen footage from Schumacher's career and previously unreleased family films. Many of them show the Schumacher family together.

Mick said these are the memories he carries with him today.

"When I think about the past now, the images that pop up in my head are usually the four of us having fun. I see images of us driving a go kart in the meadow. I see images of us when we're out and about with the ponies, sitting on the carriage. Really many moments that resonate with joy.

"Since the accident, these experiences, these moments that I believe many people have with their parents, are no longer present, or to a lesser extent. And in my view, that is a little unfair."