TMR: Love/Hate Part 2

Okay, long delayed, often promised, probably not as good as you were hoping ... much like your first time doing, well, anything. It's the Love/Hate update.

New Players I Love

Jason Varitek, C, BOS: Everyone's hating on him, but here's why I believe in a comeback year (of sorts): In 2006, he had 55 RBIs in 365 at-bats, which translates to one RBI per every six and a half at-bats. The three previous years Varitek's combined numbers were 228 RBIs in 1,384 at-bats, or one per every six at-bats. Last year, he had an 87/46 K/BB rate, basically 2 to 1. Similarly, his numbers in that category the three seasons before to 2006 were 349/175 K/BB rate, basically 2 to 1.