Draft Strategies: Auction Tips

The pick-by-pick draft format of player selection might be the most popular today, perhaps driven by the fact that it parallels baseball's amateur draft, the NFL Draft and the NBA Draft, but for the classic Rotisserie Baseball player, the auction format is the one that spawned the game. Many long-standing leagues still pick players via an auction, and many experienced players feel that the auction format is a more advanced, strategic method.

There's no denying the excitement that is the pacing of an auction. Instead of the cut-and-dry, pick-a-player-and-he's-yours approach, it gives you the opportunity to be in the hunt for every player in the selection process. While an auction might be a more challenging prospect for the beginner or intermediate fantasy owner, one thing it does do is cease the talk about the advantages of a team's draft position. As an experienced auction player, I can attest that there's nothing quite like participating in a fantasy auction.

In the fourth installation of our draft strategy series, we dissect the anatomy of the auction.