FLB '06: Beckett to Boston?

Josh Beckett was one of the top pitchers in fantasy in 2005, winning 15 games for the Marlins and finishing the season ranked 15th among all pitchers for fantasy. But will he have the same success on another team, especially in another league?

First, let's discuss Beckett and the fantasy ramifications if his trade to the Red Sox is finalized. The former World Series hero was overrated in fantasy baseball until this past season. It's the continued lure of a young pitcher's potential that tortures fantasy owners and makes them draft unproven guys with .500 records rather than safer veterans. Beckett finally had double-digit wins in 2005. While he always gave fantasy owners strikeouts, Beckett had never been a consistent winner or durable, logging many stints on the disabled list for blisters in his short career. Would a trade from one of the most extreme pitcher's parks in the majors to Fenway help him? Probably not. Beckett was 10-2 with a 2.47 ERA pitching at home last season, 5-6 with a 4.31 everywhere else.