FLB: Tigers preview

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When you're talking about futility and major-league baseball franchises, the first names that come to mind are usually the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. But since the players' strike ended in early 1995, the Detroit Tigers are actually baseball's least-successful franchise, at 652-966 (.403 winning percentage).

The Devil Rays actually have a lower winning percentage, at .401 (518-775), though they came into existence as an expansion team in 1998. The Tigers, meanwhile, have lost 90-plus games in each of the past five seasons, registering a .379 winning percentage and averaging 100.4 losses during that span. Detroit also has three 100-loss campaigns since 1995, matching Kansas City for the most since then. Nevertheless, while the Tigers have been unable to produce results in the standings so far this century, they've actually done a decent job harvesting young, fantasy-worthy talent.