FLB: Cockcroft Mailbag

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Philip, Panama City, Fla.: One more slow starter: John Lackey. Turned it on after the All-Star break last year, but look at his April numbers the last three years. It took him about three or four starts to get straightened out last year.

Tristan: That's true; Lackey is 4-6 with a 6.81 ERA, 1.790 WHIP and .310 batting average allowed in 15 career March/April starts, and 43-32 with 3.82/1.322/.265 numbers in 102 career games (101) starts from May 1 forward. In addition, he has a history of terrible spring trainings, with a 7.09 ERA and 1.604 WHIP in 21 exhibition games (20 starts) since 2003. Keep that in mind if you're worried about Lackey's spring problems. At age 27 and with his increased strikeout rate in 2005, Lackey could be primed for a breakout, and if he has his typical slow start, he'll be another attractive buy-low candidate.