Karabell's Blog: Biggest Disappointments

Who are fantasy baseball's biggest disappointment, with the first two months of the season gone. Mr. Tuh-SHARE-uh leads us off.

-Mark Teixeira, Rangers: One can argue that his numbers aren't that bad, except for home runs and RBI, but that's exactly why he was the fifth overall pick in ESPN leagues. He's on pace for 18 homers and 76 RBI. Pace for 162 games. Last year he had double that many home runs. Fantasy owners thought they saw a flicker of hope last week, when he homered twice. Jason Bay went on a tear, and everyone said Tex was next. Now I own Tex in a league or two. I'm not dealing him. I do think a mammoth homer streak is ahead. But it's not one month, it's two months. We have to prepare ourselves for the chance Teixeira doesn't come around. He is hitting for average and scoring runs, but since he was such a high draft pick, he goes first here. My prediction: He gets hot, as expected, but doesn't reach last year's figures. Let's say 34 homers, 118 RBI. Hey, check Alex Rodriguez two years ago. It happens.

-Felix Hernandez, Mariners: Regular readers know I wasn't nearly as high on him as most everyone else, but even I expected a good, solid season full of strikeouts and a decent ERA. I figured he'd be the unlucky Mariner that never got runs scored for him, so he'd do a mini-Clemens from last season, get his strikeouts and decent ERA (not 1.87, but surely 2.87) and win 13 games for a last-place team. Others gave him the Cy Young, I ranked him barely in the top 20 for pitchers and got ripped for it (Felix was the No. 14 starting pitcher taken in ESPN leagues). Naturally, I went and dealt for him in an important league a few weeks in. I keep writing that I expect Felix to get better. I don't do it so I can get more from him in a trade, trust me. Everything I write I believe. On Thursday morning, despite having a number of trades on the table for Derrick Turnbow, and saves to deal, I wrote in the blog that he's the one safe closer who could lose his job soon. Well, everyone in the league read it. Then a few hours later Turnbow gets his ass kicked by the bottom of the Pirates order. Wonderful. I still have Turnbow, of course. Sometimes my job gets in the way of my fantasy teams.