FLB: Rookie Report

Each week, the Rookie Report takes a look at the most prominent recent additions to major-league rosters, as well as players who recently made their debuts.

Chris Duncan, OF, Cardinals: Call him a draft-day personal favor to his father, long-time St. Louis pitching coach Dave Duncan, if you want, but Chris actually warrants prospect consideration, having been a supplemental first-round pick in 1999 and the No. 15 prospect in the organization as ranked by Baseball America in the preseason. In other words, this is no Mike Bell, Tim Raines Jr. or Pete Rose Jr., players whose talent fell far short of the expectations based upon their father's name value. Duncan might not be a future star in the making, but he's still 25 years old, showed improved power the past two years in the minors and could enjoy a lengthy career as a fourth outfielder/backup first baseman, perhaps even more. Defense is a bit of a problem, meaning he'd probably be more useful to an American League team, much the way a guy like Brian Daubach was to the Red Sox for four seasons. Based on that modest potential, Duncan warrants deeper NL-only league consideration, but he might not play enough to make a mixed-league impact.