Karabell's Blog: Best, Worst Of Week

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. If you own Carlos Beltran, Felix Hernandez, Matt Kemp, Frank Thomas, Rocco Baldelli, Takashi Saito or anyone else who had a nice weekend, you probably did enjoy things, at least from a fantasy perspective.
Let's roll through a number of top five lists.

Top Five players being discussed at the water cooler:

• Felix Hernandez, Mariners: Yep, that was a complete game domination of the Angels, and the King looks like he's back with nine strikeouts a two-win week. This is why we've been telling people to stick with the guy. Is he safe now? I'd still like to see him have a month of consistency and beat a top offense, but I was buying before, I'm still buying now. Only way I'd deal him away -- as I did a week ago -- is if I got some pitcher back I'm more sure of, like Johan Santana or ...