FLB: Turn the Page

While fantasy owners, at least those outside of keeper formats, should never be so willing to throw in the towel this early in the season, major-league teams always need to keep an eye both on their chances for this year as well as future years. With the midway point of the regular season drawing ever closer, the All-Star break only a short time after that and the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline only days after that, it's a prime time for the 30 major-league teams to take stock of their chances and prepare for any deadline deals.

As far as the fantasy impact of the trade deadline is concerned, the first thing owners generally think of is how big-name talent will be affected by being traded. Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee and Barry Zito might be the first names you think of when anyone mentions the trade deadline, but such moves affect so much more than those types. Most times, it winds up every bit as important to know the players who step into the roles vacated by traded superstars as it does the impact of the move on the traded superstar himself.