FLB: Building a Dynasty

Let's face it; not everyone can be a winner in his or her fantasy baseball league. There's only one champion, so in a 10- or 12-team league, that means there are nine or 11 teams destined to fall short in the race for a title. Remember, there's no shame in not winning, only shame in not seeing things through managing your team until season's end, win or lose.

However, for those teams that do fall short in the race for a championship, there comes a point in your season where it becomes clear you're not a contender. If you play in a keeper league, a format which can help maintain interest from those bottom-feeding owners all year, knowing when to turn your focus towards next season can be key to your long-term success. Play for 2007 too early and you could forfeit a chance at a title this season; play for 2007 too late and you might not find enough contending teams willing to trade you valuable pieces for the future in exchange for help this year.

We're right around that point where the number of viable contenders in fantasy leagues is dwindling, and it's no coincidence it's right around the same time many major-league teams are considering similar future-minded moves. July is prime time to make keeper-minded trades, and in order to help you with that, listed below are my top 100 long-term keepers.