FLB: One-Stop Swapping

I love trading season. It's prime time for rumors, speculation and mad dashes to the waiver wire, scooping up players who benefit from the flurry of late-July deals. In fact, once the All-Star break passes, there are really only two more times player values stand to change all that much. One is the Sept. 1 roster expansion, the other is the July 31 trade deadline.

As of Thursday morning, we have yet to see some of the bigger-name players traded, though some deals are surely on their way, with four days to go until the deadline. But why should we let that stand in the way of speculating about possible deals? The fantasy owners who stand to benefit the most from any potential deals are the ones most ready to react to them, so I always find it a helpful exercise to try to forecast the deals in advance.

Listed below are 10 of the most rumored -- and most realistic -- names on the trade market this weekend. Not all of them will be traded, and surely there will be others who get traded who didn't make my list. These are 10 potentially high-impact fantasy players, however, so let's take a look at where they might, should and will wind up as of Monday night. As a note, when I note things like where I'd like the player to wind up, keep in mind that I'm only considering his realistic or rumored destinations. (Who wouldn't want to see any of the hitters below at Coors Field, for instance?)