FLB: Quit Slacking!

What's so great about fantasy football, anyway? All right, I'll admit, the lure of the upcoming football season has my attention, as well, but that doesn't mean there isn't an awful lot of baseball yet to be played. We're entering the most important weeks of our season, especially in fantasy leagues where races are finally winding down, and as a fantasy owner, it's your obligation to see your team through to the season's close, distractions or not.

Judging by a quick browse of the free-agent lists in ESPN leagues, however, it seems clear to me that a fair share of owners already have packed it in for the season, not even bothering to add players who could help their struggling teams pick up some much-needed points in these late weeks. It's an annual trend I don't like but admit is a reality, and it sure does create some great opportunities for pickups for owners still in the title hunt.

Listed below are 10 players I'd call must-adds in any league format, based on their recent play and potential for the final five-plus weeks of the season. All these guys can be found as free agents in at least one-quarter of mixed leagues, and most of them are available in at least half of all leagues and even a fair share of AL- or NL-only formats.