FLB Chat Wrap: Aug 30

Tristan H. Cockcroft: Good morning everyone! Let's get right to your questions...

Josh (NYC): Delmon!!!! Thou time hath arrived, young Delmon! Now tell us - where do you rank among long-term keepers next March?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: Let's get the Delmon Young question out of the way! He was my lead for today's "Out of the Box," so for more info on him, check there. But Young's a go-get-him-now kind of player, and let's applaud Tampa Bay for finally doing the right thing with this kid. Frankly, I was beginning to doubt we'd see him up or in a regular job this year, and now he is. Good for you, Devil Rays! Solid player, maybe .280-8-20 numbers the rest of the way, and so long as you get a fair share of keepers (five or more), he's even keeper worthy for 2007. This could be our Rookie of the Year next year, with .280-25-80-20 rates. The kid LOVES to run.