FLB: Forty-Man Madness

Major league rosters expand from 25 to 40 players on Friday, after which point most teams promote some of their best prospects and activate any reasonably healthy players remaining on the disabled list. The Sept. 1 roster expansion is often an exciting day in many fantasy owners' minds, with their thinking that loads of blue-chip prospects will be on the way, becoming instant pickups with the potential to put a team over the top.

Sadly, the truth is that the Sept. 1 roster expansion is actually one of the more overrated aspects of the fantasy baseball season, as the number of quality rookies ready to help your team is often small. This year in particular, we've already seen so many of the best prospects promoted in advance of the roster expansion date, meaning there aren't nearly as many appealing youngsters close to being able to help a major league or fantasy team.

Still, knowing the few impact players who might be on the way after Sept. 1 could be key to unearthing a sleeper or two, so to help you out with the upcoming influx of new major leaguers, I'll run through each of the 30 teams to highlight some of the more interesting names we might see coming up from the minors or off the disabled list.