The fantasy baseball season is obviously over, but the day after it ended I was already getting trade offers in one keeper league. Tremendous! Just hours after I lost a league by a half point, ostensibly because Pedro Martinez pitched horribly down the stretch, someone was asking for him in a deal! Sure, I think we can work something out!

Many of you are already thinking about your keepers as well. My theory on keepers, especially in ESPN leagues where you can hold on to only five players, is you hold on to your big-time power. You don't consider Jered Weaver or Jorge Posada or anyone whose duty is to save games. Doesn't matter to me if four of the five guys I keep play first base or outfield, the home runs are the attraction, and I'll draft my shortstop and pitching staff later.

Anyway, more on keepers over the next few months. Remember we've got a weekly fantasy baseball chat every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET during the offseason, and we'll still be writing articles. Tristan Cockcroft got us started last week with his awards column.