FLB Chat Wrap: Nov. 8

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (11:00 AM ET ) Good morning everyone! It's a long offseason, but never too early to begin preparing for fantasy baseball. Who's got a question?

Dave, Chicago: What can kind of numbers do you expect from J. Barfield next year? Sophmore slump, or build on the great hot streaks his had?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (11:04 AM ET ) Keep in mind Josh Barfield endured some up-and-down periods as a minor leaguer, and with his moderately high strikeout rate, that seems pretty likely to happen as he adjusts to the majors. But I do think he'll continue to grow in 2007, as he showed some developing power the second half of 2006, and he'll turn 24 next month. I'd say a small bump up, he'll avoid the sophomore slump and be, say, a .275-18-70-25 kind of player with upside.