FLB Chat Wrap: Nov. 15

Tristan H. Cockcroft: Good morning everyone! Let's get right to those fantasy baseball questions of yours...

Goose (Chicago): Any chance Ryan Braun claims the 3B spot for the Brewers out of Spring Training? This kid is raking in the AFL.

Tristan H. Cockcroft: I suppose it's possible, but more likely, he'll begin the year in the minors and be a candidate to be one of those midseason finds, like a Chris Shelton was in 2005, not quite what Miguel Cabrera or Delmon Young was in their first seasons though. Braun's a nice power prospect, and the great AFL does make him a candidate for a long spring training look, but I bet he starts in Double- or Triple-A and needs two months or so to prove he can dominate there before getting promoted. Jot his name down now as a sleeper candidate, though.