Cockcroft: Pitcher Auction Values

Tristan H. Cockcroft provides his rankings and dollar values by position for the 2006 fantasy baseball season, updated as of Jan. 26, 2007. All dollar values are based upon a standard, 12-team Rotisserie 5x5 scoring format, using 14 hitters (two catchers) and nine pitchers and an auction budget of $260 per team. Values are provided for mixed leagues, as well as AL- and NL-only formats. Free agents are priced in both AL- and NL-only leagues based upon projected value if the player signs in that league. Budgets are split approximately two-third towards hitters and one-third towards pitchers. Players are listed at the position at which they qualify and are most likely to play in 2007, and if not projected to start, are listed at the position they played the most in 2006.

Pitchers are listed below. Hitters are listed at this link.

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