FLB: Chat Wrap Feb. 13

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (11:00 AM ET ) Good morning everyone! Pitchers and catchers only two days away ... Let's get right to your fantasy baseball questions!

Josh (phoenix): Over/Under: Ichiro's contract year, .340, 110, 15, 75, 35? Is he going to stay in Sea?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: (11:03 AM ET ) I'm going to say under across the board except for steals, since he's now 33 years old, meaning a big spike in numbers would only be driven by his contract-year status. Sure, it could happen, but it's better not to pay for it as automatic. I'd say a great year for him is the stat line you listed, and he can absolutely get close. As for sticking around, I'd be surprised if he's not back in the States for 2008, in which case, I'd have to imagine the Mariners would be the favorites for his services.