FLB Chat Wrap: Feb. 16

Will Carroll: Greetings all. I'm still snowed in -- my car locked in about four inches of ice -- so spent lots of time on the phone talking to people in warm places. The NFL Combine comes to town next week and yes, I'll be on hand. So let's talk some injuries, some spring training, and remember the rules. Powered by Joe Posnanski's new must-read book on Buck O'Neill, let's get to it:

Bryan: (Chico, CA): Not only effectiveness and attitude have come into question for Armando Benitez in San Francisco, but also his various injuries and weight problems. How good of a pickup will he be as a closer this season in mixed leagues?

Will Carroll: It's a thin "sure thing" closer crop out there. Depending on what your definition is, there's as few as 10 in mixed leagues. Benitez has been declining, but has been effective when healthy. I think he'll continue the pattern and Dave Groeschner will have his hands full. I'd pick him in that third tier, behind Gagne. Benitez's frailty gives some other CIW picks play, like Brian Wilson.