FLB Chat Wrap: Feb. 23

Will Carroll: Wow, it's a big full queue I see here, so I won't fool around too much before getting to it. Today's chat is coming to you live from the NFL Combine here in Indianapolis, so I apologize if I'm a bit slower than normal. You know the rules, you know how this works. Let's focus on injuries if we can with the occasional tangent like "What the heck is President Logan doing with the Saddam-style beard?" or "Is New Guinea coffee really as good as the much more expensive Jamaican Blue Mountain?" Heck, I'll even take some gyroball questions if you've read today's E-Ticket.

Mike (Easthampton): Is Rickie Weeks sore wrist an expected part or his recovery? Or is this a sign that it's not yet healed?

Will Carroll: It's normal to have some soreness, but this is another sign that we have to worry about Weeks, that the problem wasn't completely knocked out by the surgery. If he's healthy, Weeks reminds me of Soriano.