FLB Chat Wrap: Mar. 2

Will Carroll: Chat Checklist ... New copy of Baseball Prospectus, now shipping? Check. Special coffee, brewed and ready? Check. Mail order HGH? No, how'd that get on the list. BT's Ima on the iPod? Check. List of rules so that my pals, the chatters, know how to get their questions answered? Check - because you should know them by now. Spring is in the air, the snow is melted and we're chatting. Go!

Anthony, Saratoga Springs NY: Lincecum, Miller, Hughes, who has the best upside? Who is the most likely to have an impact in '07?

Will Carroll: I think Hughes first - he's going to be in the rotation quickly - followed by Lincecum, who still doesn't quite have a role yet, but has the most amazing arm I've ever seen.