FLB: Chat Wrap Mar. 7

Eric Karabell: Hello all and welcome to another Wednesday morning (well, in the east) chat session for fantasy baseball. Lots to discuss, so let's go.... any questions?

Dan (MN): What's your view on the Pittsburgh infield? It seems like Sanchez will play 2B with Castillo and Bautista fighting it out for 3B. Sanchez' value would be much higher if he were at 2nd

Eric Karabell: Freddy Sanchez, the defending batting champ by the way, is already eligible in most leagues at 2B, SS and 3B, so I'm not sure it matters too much where he plays this season. However, it appears the Bucs want him at second base, because they want Jose Bautista, a natural third baseman, to win that job. Jose Castillo might be out of luck here. Castillo did sprain an ankle the other day, which won't help him. Sanchez is a high average hitter but doesn't have power or speed.