FLB Chat Wrap: Mar. 9

Will Carroll: Spring training in full swing, along with NFL free agency. There's plenty of injury talk in both. Let's try to play by the rules -- you know them by now -- and let's also stick to injuries. Maybe we'll venture a bit into fantasy picks, pitching mechanics, or if we're brave, the pharmacy scandal, but injuries are the focus. I'm gonna be about 1/6th of a Rob Neyer today, so let's get to it:

Leroy(Austin, TX): Shoule we be concerned about Freddy Sanchez? Also, in a H2H Pts. league, would you rather have Ortiz or Soriano?

Will Carroll: No, not too worried. He got lucky that his knee wasn't more severely injured. Switching positions, esp to 2B, is a dangerous proposition and that's a big lesson why. Soriano, on the steals.