FLB: Chat Wrap Mar. 14

Eric Karabell: Hello all and welcome to another fun-filled fantasy baseball chat. Let's get going....

Steve (Baltimore): What?s the closer situation in Boston? It looks like Spring Training has really clouded the picture. Does Donnelly have a shot? I have him at $4 and need to decide by Saturday to protect him or not.

Eric Karabell: I think literally everyone in the bullpen might have a shot. Joel Pineiro hasn't had a great spring, and Mike Timlin is hurt. Papelbon remains in the rotation, and I think it remain so. It's quite possible someone NOT currently on the Red Sox becomes the closer. The Giants are giving away Armando Benitez, maybe Theo takes him. Donnelly at $4 seems a bit steep. I doubt he becomes the closer, and guys like him are $1 options.