Fantasy Baseball: Top 300 For Second Half

Ranking players for fantasy baseball is an inexact science, at best. No two players are the same, and no two rankers, as well. Some fantasy experts lend a lot of weight to positional scarcity, others to statistical scarcity. Some consider career and three-year averages to have much more significance than first-half stats, while others are big believers in second-half performance history. Then there's the question of where to rank the first pitcher -- after Johan Santana, of course -- and the first closer. And let's not even get into the whole "what's a rookie got to do to prove himself" argument.

In order to get the best of all worlds, we tapped six ESPN.com fantasy experts, each of whom has been playing for well over a decade, to come up with their top 225 players for the second half. With so much divergence of opinion, the six lists combined yielded the 300 players which we present to you as our 2007 second-half fantasy rankings. Remember now, everyone starts with a clean slate for the second half; first-half stats were not considered as anything more than an indicator of what might be.