Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Becker Reacts

Ranking is an inexact science.

If that sounds familiar, it's because that's the way I chose to introduce the rankings to all of you on Wednesday. It's an inexact science because the answers are enigmatical. Even if you pick the right 10 players to be in your top 10, there are 3,628,800 different combination of orders in which they could finish. Now, I know, the likelihood of No. 10 Jake Peavy finishing No. 1 over Alex Rodriguez or even Johan Santana is pretty slim, but then again, so were the odds of Carlos Pena having more home runs than Albert Pujols at the All-Star break -- in almost 100 fewer at-bats, mind you.

So, when I set out to do my rankings, I'm not aiming as much for unattainable perfection as I am setting an order of preference. The players I'd like to own, give me a blend of statistics, stability and comfort, which comes with knowing what they're all about and anticipating things that may come. I also like to try to catch lightning in a bottle once in a while, hence my inclusion of Joey Votto at No. 225. Honestly, if we'd all ranked 250 players, he'd have dropped to that slot, but I wanted him included. I think he'll be relevant, and that you'll want to grab him now.