Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Cockcroft reacts

Who doesn't love rankings?

Nothing seems to inspire more debate, and part of the fun is that everyone has his or her own opinion and approach to the task. As I'd expect, looking at our other five experts' rankings, I see some radical differences in opinion on specific players -- and, more importantly, in overall approach. In a few of those cases, the ones where I feel like I'm most "on an island" -- our preferred description for the way-out-there ranks -- I figured I'd offer my take on some of the more notable ones.

First, though, as I did the last time we did group rankings in June, let me offer a brief window into my approach to rankings. Historically, I've been rather conservative with regard to drafting, evaluating and ranking pitchers. It's the most unpredictable of all the positions and the one most susceptible to the out-of-nowhere injury. Not surprisingly, I had only 14 pitchers among my top 50 players overall, which is actually a high number for me. At midseason, I'm generally a little more trusting of pitchers, since we've already had three months to determine which ones are legit and healthy.