Becker: The Dirty Dozen

Sometimes, even Plan B falls through. That's when you find yourself drafting guys with zero upside. No sex appeal whatsoever. Completely replaceable, dispensable, interchangeable guys who, when you see their names on your roster, elicit a strong feeling of "meh." You know, as in not as good as you could have but, "meh," pretty OK.

Thing is, not all last-resort players are created equal. There are always some guys who get no respect -- no love, as the kids say -- but all they do is produce. If these guys are on someone else's roster, and their owner feels about them the way you do about undercooked kumquat, well, there's an opportunity there. Maybe you can trade them your starter at that position for something you want and get that guy back as a throw-in. You know, to fill the hole until, ostensibly, you can fill it with someone better.

But there's no need for that last step because these guys will do just fine by you. They ain't pretty. They ain't expensive. They're ...