Holland's upside is tantalizing

If there's such a thing as a "utility pitcher," the Rangers' Derek Holland has been it this season. In fact, he used that exact phrase to describe to the team Web site his role this year.

The rookie southpaw, who has bounced back and forth between starting and relieving multiple times this season, will be in the rotation yet again for at least the near future as he gets the start against the Twins on Sunday night. He should get a few starts before Matt Harrison returns to complicate the picture.

It's obviously not unexpected to see a rookie, no matter how highly touted, struggle in his big league debut, especially in this case, given his tough pitching environment at home and the fact that his role has constantly been in flux. Even when Holland's been starting, his amount of rest before taking the mound has been varied, so it's been tough for him to get into a consistent rhythm.