Answer Guys: A little football, a little baseball

You have questions, we have answers. We the Answer Guys team for ESPN.com will be here each Sunday during the season to answer a few of the more challenging questions we've received of late and show just a little of what we can do. Enjoy.

With the new schedule just released, how would you rank the following wide receivers: Braylon Edwards, Andre Johnson and Marques Colston? And what do you project for Maurice Jones-Drew in 2008?
Kevin Dengel

It's a great time to start thinking about football again, isn't it? The end of April does that to me. Of course, anyone that's even just a casual NFL fan is with me, especially following the NFL Draft. It's the day NFL teams make or break their futures, deciding between the likes of Charles Rogers (1st round, 2nd overall, 2003 Draft) or Andre Johnson (1st round, 3rd overall, 2003).One draft slot is all it takes to makes a difference sometimes between a budding superstar and an NFL wash-up who would consider himself lucky if the CFL called. I'm tempted to pile on Lions GM Matt Millen with a comment or two, but I'll be nice and move on …