Answer Guys: Is Carlos Gonzalez worth a pickup?

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I have the No. 1 waiver claim and was wondering what your thoughts were on [Oakland outfield call-up] Carlos Gonzalez. I wouldn't mind waiting for David Price, but I know it might be awhile before he gets a call or before another slugging prospect is called up. Is Gonzalez worth my waiver slot?
Brandon Bell

Dave: I doubt you'll see Price at all this season, even when rosters are expanded. I can't see the Rays rushing him, especially since their current rotation has been pitching exceptionally well so far this season. Price has only two professional starts under his belt this year because he battled an elbow strain earlier this season, and look for the Rays to play it safe with him. There's no denying Price's dominant talent and skill level, but rushing him would be a big mistake.