Answer Guys: The best minor league draft options are ...

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My league has a minor league draft coming up shortly, and we can draft any players taken in the June MLB draft. I have picks No. 3, 14 and 19. Who should I target with the No. 3 pick? Is Beckham the real deal? How about some later guys for No. 14 and No. 19?
Joe S.

Dave: At this time last year, we were talking about the likes of David Price, Mike Moustakas and Matt LaPorta. But now that the 2008 MLB draft has just completed, the top three commodities for fantasy leagues in my mind are Tim Beckham, Eric Hosmer and Pedro Alvarez. With the No. 3 pick in your draft, I would find it difficult to pass on Beckham, Alvarez or Hosmer to grab a highly touted pitcher. When you take minor league development into consideration, an equally talented hitter will get the nod over a pitcher every time for me. I usually don't like to invest in pitchers early, whether it's my regular fantasy drafts or my minor league drafts for keeper leagues. There's just too much risk involved with pitchers.