Answer Guys: Keeper thoughts and advice

Which three players should I keep this season? It's a 12-team head-to-head standard league, except on base percentage is added instead of batting average. I'm definitely keeping Evan Longoria. I traded Ryan Braun for him and Curtis Granderson last season, knowing that Braun would lose third base eligibility. Your columnists' consensus seems to be that pitchers make lousy keepers. So instead of holding Dan Haren and Felix Hernandez, I'm thinking of holding Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Pena. I dislike Rollins since he disappointed last season, but how do I throw away 40 stolen bases and 20 home run potential at shortstop? Pena seems a lock for high OBP and 30-plus homers. Any thoughts otherwise on what I should do here? The player I most want back on roster this season is Yovani Gallardo. I also love Rich Harden, the best fantasy pitcher in baseball when he's not hurt, but thanks to that shoulder I'll wait until the late rounds this time. I'll also be looking to reacquire Matt Kemp, Elijah Dukes, and Jayson Werth, as well as Josh Johnson. Obviously, I favor speed/power (20/20) combos whenever available. I love my 2008 team, but I got crushed. Robinson Cano just killed me. Lehho